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Based in Manchester, London and now in Jakarta, SSR is an award winning education and one of the UK's most successful music and media training academies producing countless numbers of graduates now employed in the music, television, film and radio industries.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru , SSR was the first Audio Engineering School in the UK and first AVID Pro School in Europe. We are a BBC ‘Preferred Training Supplier’, a member of the British Accreditation Council which regulates private colleges, and recently won a Business of the Year award for quality of our training. Currently we have both of Bachelor and Advance Diploma program for Audio Engineering, Film and Animation.Lowongan Kerja

WHY JOINING SSR Jakarta – School of Creative Media?

As a company, SSR Indonesia strives to provide the best and most nurturing work place for its employees. Not only we provide a place to earn a living, we also try our best to create an environment where our employees continuously learn and grow and develop themselves.

No matter what department of SSR Indonesia you work in, you will become a part of very talented and inspiring team who aim to provide the best and most innovative to change and improve peoples’ lives.

If you have the passion develop a company from a different point of view (thinking out of the box), proven, unique, successful product, and would like to develop customer service skills, our pleasure to invite you to join our dynamic and creative team as follows:


Lowongan Kerja Terbaru yang semakin banyak beredar di kalangan para penacari kerja, kali ini akan kami uraikan satu per satu dari informasi yang kami dapatkan mengenai Lowongan Kerja PT SWARA SARANA REKACIPTA Terbaru.Merupakan suatu kebanggan tersendiri bagi kami juka itu dapat bermanfaat bagi anda.

Requirement :

Preferable education background with Master Degree in Animation.
Having experience in designing Animation course.
Having a minimum 2 year working experience in the Animation industry.
Having a minimum 2 year teaching experience in the programme that affiliated with the university in the U.K.
Having minimum IELTS Scores = 6.5 or TOEFL Scores = 550.
Having experience in operating e-learning Moodle and MS Office.
Having knowledge in Adobe application and Autodesk Maya and 3DMax.
Able to work as Fulltime lecture (Monday to Friday)

If you are interested to apply and meet the qualification stated, please submit your complete resume to:
PT. Swara Sarana Rekacipta (SSR Jakarta)
Apartment Royal Mediterania Garden Lavender Tower lt. 2
Central Park Area, Podomoro City.
Jakarta Barat 11470

Kiranya sekian Info Kerja untuk sobat. Semoga dapat membantu dalam pencarian referensi kerja di kota tempat tinggal sobat di Lowongan Kerja PT SWARA SARANA REKACIPTA Terbaru sekiranya apabila ada yang kurang jelas silahkan ditanyakan pada kolom komentar yang sudah kami sediakan dan jangan ketinggalan membaca Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Inti Makmur Internasional

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